• Sable Altura Fire Rescue

    Welcome to the digital classrooms for the various Fire and EMS qualifications taught at Sable Altura, the Academy, hybrid and fully distributive EMS continuing education offerings, and other departmental/staff specific trainings.

    We've built this system for our peers.  This site is for all of those who are currently (or seeking to become involved) in Fire and Emergency Services regardless of location.

    We blend modern Instructional Methodolgy techniques for the digital era that bring unprecedented reach, convenience, and effectiveness.

    Please feel free to peruse, enroll, and participate in any open course content.  Of course there are more detailed and involved courses available on an ongoing scheduled basis.  Please check back for newly opened classes, or call us at (303) 364-7187 to check availability, and scheduling.

    Our goal is to broaden the reach for emergency services agencies who would like to offer online course content. If you're interested in hosting a class on our Education Portal, please give us a call and we'll see what can be arranged.