This training module provides documentation and pictures to run a valuable table top training exercise with your crews to educate your engineers and crew members on the difficult initial decision on where to park your first arriving engine on a fire scene. This decision is a difficult one to make in the first 10-20 seconds when arriving on scene as the officer is also making their mental size up and handling radio traffic. Once hose lines are deployed from the rig it will be difficult to re-position. Rig positioning of this first arriving unit can drastically hinder or help the fire operations for the rest of the incident.

Self-study course required for anyone wanting to move on to operate larger apparatus. This course does not clear anyone to pump, nor drive. It's a foundational course intended to provide the knowledge and information to be applied to each apparatus in each module thereafter.

This course is a requirement do be CLEARED to drive both medic units.

This course is a prerequisite for all of the following D/O courses.