The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on requirement and standards of
conduct for individuals to serve as Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control
(DFPC) approved instructors and certified practical product proctors for DFPCs
Professional Qualifications and Training (PQ&T) Program as well as to provide guidance
with regard to instructor fees and paperwork. The goals are to:
1. Ensure quality delivery of training and proctoring by knowledgeable and experience
instructors and practical product proctors.
2. Build and maintain standards and expectations for instructors and practical product
proctors within the state.
3. Build and maintain a list of DFPC approved instructors and certified practical product

In this class we will cover the following:
Basic and advanced tactical training for responses to release of explosive gases (natural gas and propane)
An understanding of combustible gas indicators, where to monitor, limitations and proper use, interpretation of results and strategic considerations.
Clear strategic/tactical guidance for the 6 types of explosive gas emergencies.

NFPA 1403 provides minimum requirements for conducting live fire training to ensure they are conducted in safe facilities and a safe manner for participants.

Sable Altura Electric Vehicle Training (Living and Dynamic Training)

This course is a self-study training, that is a dynamic and living training. The world of Electric Vehicles and the Fire Service is a constantly evolving landscape, that responders must stay connected to.

Sable Altura Firefighter II Program


This course meets all NFPA Standards for Firefighter II, through the lens of Operations at Sable Altura Fire Rescue.  It is intended to complete the education journey that was started in a Fire Academy with Firefighter I, but focuses on the finishing part of this education in a vastly different setting.  A setting that sets the standard of student expectation and self-discipline for the rest of their educational experiences in the Fire Service.

FES Instructor I Program

This course is a required course for all Sable Altura career staff, and is a prerequisite for the FESCO Officer-certification track. This course does not focus on the content on *what* to teach, but rather, how to teach, and how to teach individuals who learn in different ways. We touch on types of delivery options, and embrace technological advantages while adhering to foundational educational models. Fire and EMS educators must learn to be educators, and not just the oldest people at the department.