Welcome to Haz-Mat Operations. This class entails weekday classes as well as Saturday drill ground days.

Your grade online will be averaged with your classroom and skill days. You must maintain an 80% in this class. The State test has a passing score of 80%.

You are allowed to take each quiz with an unlimited amount of attempts. You should also participate in taking each pre-test, and using every resource available to you.
Traditionally Haz-Mat Ops has a 50% pass rate at best. This is a tough class. However with the correct amount of preparation on your part you can absolutely pass on your first attempt. Lets show the world what SAFD's HMO class can produce. How about 100% pass rate??

You are strongly advised to use every tool available, and use the online materials thoroughly and repeatedly if possible.
Please review your chapters in the book and take the quizzes online. You have all the interactive modules available here.

Under each module is the location of the class, and in some cases...the start time.  If there are any changes, they'll be made here.